A Week in Pictures 07/03/2016

Life’s hard when you’re trying to save money isn’t it? I wish I could fill this post with a load of exciting things I’ve done over the last week, however I’ve been pretty tame and boring. There’s no fancy meals out or cocktails or champers with the girls. Growing up and being sensible sucks. There is a cheeky new bag though ❤

Work Treats:

Now this just had to be included in this weeks round up because look… It’s ridiculous. We had a stressful day one day, so the next day everyone turned up with treats without realising everyone else had brought treats in. It was unreal. The bad part of it is, most of this went within a day or two 😐 #awks


JUST LOOK AT IT. I’m honestly in love with this bag. I had a voucher for John Lewis so it hasn’t even affected my poor bank balance at all, and basically means I got a free DKNY bag, right?  Probs could have bought some kind of essential item with the voucher instead, but the shopaholic in me won. It IS very practical as It’s a lot bigger than it looks, and I can fit my purse, hair brush, sunglasses, some make-up, my keys and my phone in it comfortably.



Beaut Sunday Weather:

Wasn’t Sunday just lush? The sun was out, there was hardly any breeze which made it feel warm, and not a drop of rain in sight. Perfect weather for a walk and quick stop off in the pub beer garden. But it’s majorly made me desperate for summer. Seriously, where the Pimms and BBQs at???


A Week in Pictures 29/02/16

This ‘Week in Pictures’ is a bit meh. I didn’t get up to as many small things so it’s a tad short and sweet this time round. Sorry guys, life’s not always exciting. I’ll try harder this week *promise*


Tuesday Cinema Date

Tuesday night Pete and I had a little date night to the cinema. We saw Grimsby which I think I liked but I’m sure? I defo laughed. And cringed. But anyway, the highlight was trying out the new Vue chairs and OMG they are amazing. You can almost lay down, have a lap tray for all your food and basically feel like you’re at home in your bedroom. And for dinner I had a Ben & Jerries core sundae which was yum.



Hot Chocolate and Cake

No week is complete without a little trip to a coffee shop, and last weeks lucky winner was Starbucks. You NEED to try their hot chocolate made with coconut milk. It basically tastes like a bounty. Uh huh. Thank me later.



Saturday Night Vibes

Last but definitely not least, Saturday night was spent these beautiful people. We ate food and drank wine and had an all round good evening. And I didn’t even have a wine  headache the next day! So not a single bad thing about the evening.


A Week in Pictures 15th Feb 16

There’s a slight theme to this weeks ‘Week in Pictures’. I know food usually features fairly heavily in my weekly round-up but this last week there was just so much food. So much that one meal out isn’t even in here because I was too hungry to even think about photographing it. Someone needs to ban me from eating out, I actually think I have a problem.

Lol got at least 2 meals out this week, whatya gonna do?

Did a couple of other things, but yeah, my week basically in food:

Indian with an Indian:

One of my best friends moved to London last year, but this week she was back so we met up and did our favourite thing other than drinking… eating. (May have had a glass of wine each too, but that’s pretty tame for us!)

Gluten Free Pho’:

My friend Charlie met me after work one evening and she’s coeliac so eating out can be quite difficult for her, but we stumbled across this new Vietnamese restaurant in Cambridge and we LOVED it. She could eat everything on the menu except for one dessert, and it was all so delish. It was my first experience to Vietnamese food too and I didn’t really know what to expect, but was very pleased with our discovery.

Ray Bans First Appearance:

When I went to Vienna for my birthday in November I bought a pair of Ray Bans in the airport, but since I bought them it hasn’t been sunny once so I haven’t had a chance to wear them. So was a tad excited when I was FINALLY able to. Sad, I know.

New Colouring Pens:

Ha. I’m such a child. But I got new pens for my colouring book! I’ve been using pencils as my book has quite large pictures to colour but there are some really swirly pictures too, so I bought some pens. God I sound old. Moving on…

Girls Night:

Redeeming myself slightly here, I got drunk on Saturday. We’d had this girls night planned for some time and it didn’t disappoint. We started off quietly in a bar drinking wine and gossiping, we then got a tad loud and started speaking to random people on the table next to us. Then oh, next thing we know it’s 2am and we’re doing shots in the club. Standard.

Recovery Nandos:

Best thing to do after a night drinking? A recovery nandos, followed by cinema with the boyf. Life’s good.

A Week (or 2) in Pictures

Okay, so technically this is 2 weeks in pictures. I didn’t get round to doing one last week as I was pretty poorly with an awful cold, and basically just struggs with life in general. So now that I’m back to my best and actually able to string a sentence together I’ve combined 2 weeks into 1 post. Exciting stuff, I know!

Mahoosive Burger at Rockers – Cambridge

This was dinner on Monday 1st of Feb, courtesy of the boyf. No real reason for it but mannnn was it good. Like, so good. Probably not the healthiest meal to start your week off with but whatcha gonna do?

Bath with Bomb Cosmetic Bath Bombs

This was the Tuesday evening and my first evening of feeling a tad poorly. So I had THE nicest, longest bath and majorly chillaxed. This bath bomb from bomb cosmetics (can’t remember the flavour, soz) smelled delish and made me feel relaxed and happy and snug.

Feeling Sorry for Myself

For pretty much the next 6 days I felt HORRID. So yeah, I just sat on the sofa whilst cuddling my dog and feeling proper sorry for myself. Mollies great for making ya feel better though ❤ even if she does look sad to be cuddling with me!

Pancake Day

Lol these pancakes look awful. But they were taaaasty. Defo ate a weeks calories in pancakes #soznotsoz

Catch up with the Girls

Just what I needed. What’s better than gossip and Prosecco on a Wednesday? Like, seriously. Nothing is. After a pretty shitty week or so I left my friends feeling so much happier and buzzing about life again.

Making Peter do Facemasks

This was SO FUN. He’d stupidly promised me he’d do it and haaaa I ensured it happened. He gave it all the ‘this is so stupid’ and ‘why are you making me do this’ manly crap, but I know that secretly he loved it. I could just tell. He especially liked the fact his one peeled off, said it was like peeling his face off. So yeah, great. Only down side was that his one was clear so I couldn’t take a pic of us looking megs cute. Bad times.

Valentines Day

I’m gonna do a whole post on this because it so deserves it. So not to spoil it all I’ll be brief. Pete and I spent the day wandering around Centre Parcs which was so cute, and he bought me a dozen red roses and tickets to go and see The Woman in Black in London. Couldn’t be happier. Just perfect.

A Week in Pictures – 25th Jan 16

Okay, okay, okay. I’ve been incredibly rubbish this last week and not actually posted anything. I know. Bad times.

It was just one of those weeks where 434566540 things happened and all of a sudden it was like, whoa! It’s Tuesday again already and I need to do a weekly re-cap. Time does just fly. Lol.

Butttt I already know I’m gonna be better at it this week so I guess that *kinda* makes up for it. Right?

Here’s a few pics of what I got up to last week…

New Pandora Ring

How beaut is this? Like seriously. It’s so cute. It was a thank you present for house sitting from my friend and her fiancé and I love it. Pretty sure jewellery would make every girl smile.


Baby Oleg Toy

Basically just including this because OMG how adorable is it and I’ve wanted one for ages and I FINALLY got one. Thanks boyf ❤


Girlie Drinks on Friday

What’s the best thing to do on a Friday evening? Casual drinks of course! I was designated driver this time *sob* as I also had work on Saturday, but was nice to have a couple of hours out in the pub with the girls. And I definitely made up for the lack of drinking on Saturday night…


Out Out in London

My friend moved to London early last year and I’ve been to see her 3 or 4 times so far, and she’s been back home a couple of times. We always spend far too long getting ready to go out as we’re so busy filling each other in on all the gossip, but when we finally make it out we have the best nights. Just a shame they can’t be more often.


Sunday Morning Pancakes

Best way to start a Sunday? Breakfast. Nutella pancakes to be precise. Luckily my friend is as much of a foodie as me so first thing on the agenda is always food. And a good cup of tea, of course.


Massive Photo Delivery

As  you may know, one of my aims for the year was to print off all my photos this year. There’s just something much more meaningful about actually holding a photograph compared to seeing it on the screen. This was my first order of pics – 122 photos! But I did go back to around October time. Now that I’m going to keep on top of it it wont be as many each time. But it definitely finished off my weekend nicely to sit and look through all of these.


A Week in Pictures – 18th Jan 16

Each week of the year seems to be getting better, little by little. Again, last week started off a bit like meh. But it picked up a lot quicker than the previous week. This was more than likely to do with cocktails and lots of food #dontjudge but who cares if it makes you happy? Screw a January detox, right now it’s carbs and alcohol making me feel better and I’m not afraid to say it!

Burgers and Cocktails at Benson & Blakes in Bury St Edmunds.

Now, I may have been slightly too eager to eat my burger, so I didn’t get chance to take a pic of it *my bad*, but I did manage to snap the delish cocktails I had. Berry Hard and Double Hard. 2 for £8? Can’t complain! Then Peanut butter cheesecake for dessert, which I definitely didn’t need…



Work Nandos.

Healthy salad or boring sandwich for lunch at work? NOPE. Not when you’ve got a Nandos literally next door. Gave into temptation AGAIN this week *sigh*


My Last Night House Sitting.

I blogged about this last Friday as it was last full day and night of house sitting my friends house. I enjoyed it by having a large glass of wine and just making the most of the freedom. It’s back to reality and already I’m craving my own space again. Get me moved out!


Pizza Express Date Night.

Peter and I had a cute little food and cinema date night on Saturday. Pizza Express followed by watching The Revenant. With house sitting we didn’t get chance to have an evening out just the two of us for over 2 weeks so it was just what we needed. And anyone even considering going to watch The Revenant – DO IT. It’s soo good and grips you from the very start. Such a must see.

pizza express

Sunday Afternoon Baking.

Okay, so we may have burnt these a little so they don’t quite look as pretty as they’re meant to, but I was still majorly impressed. Of course Peter did most of the work because let’s face it -I am no domestic goddess, but I did do my fair share and think they look pretty cute if I do say so myself. They’re apple and cinnamon pastry roses that we had seen on the Tasty Facebook page, and they were bloody tasty covered in custard.