My Perfect Valentine

Valentine’s Day. A day which some people hate and some people go crazy for. Personally, I’m somewhere in the middle. I think it’s lovely to celebrate your feelings for someone and is a great excuse to have a cute day spent together. But I really dislike all the pressure it can create and the people being all demanding over gifts. Like seriously, be grateful for what you have.

People who moan about other people celebrating also get on my nerves. You just sound jealous that you didn’t get flowers babes, not a good look!

Ha rant over! Back to what I got up to…

It was literally the cutest day ever. I was woken up to a bunch of a dozen red roses on the bed and a card. And inside the card were tickets to go and watch The Woman in Black at the West End. I’d mentioned I wanted to go see this aaages ago so boy did good! They do listen!

He then made us breakfast of eggs and bacon (he puts the ‘bae’ in bacon. lol) but this is usual tbh as I can’t cook and he loves a decent breakfast, ha I’m not housewife material.

We spent the middle of the day wandering around the local Centre Parcs at Elveden whilst drinking hot chocolates and taking selfies in front of lakes and stuff #weirdos

And it was finished off with a meal at Arbuckles late afternoon. Not the most romantic place to have your Valentines meal but IT WAS SO GOOD. Probably the biggest portions I’ve ever seen, and we left feeling so stuffed and happy and life is good. The only downside was we were too full for an Ice Cream Sundae for dessert 😦 😦 😦 heartbroken </3

Such a simple yet sweet day, the perfect kind of Valentines if you ask me.



A Week (or 2) in Pictures

Okay, so technically this is 2 weeks in pictures. I didn’t get round to doing one last week as I was pretty poorly with an awful cold, and basically just struggs with life in general. So now that I’m back to my best and actually able to string a sentence together I’ve combined 2 weeks into 1 post. Exciting stuff, I know!

Mahoosive Burger at Rockers – Cambridge

This was dinner on Monday 1st of Feb, courtesy of the boyf. No real reason for it but mannnn was it good. Like, so good. Probably not the healthiest meal to start your week off with but whatcha gonna do?

Bath with Bomb Cosmetic Bath Bombs

This was the Tuesday evening and my first evening of feeling a tad poorly. So I had THE nicest, longest bath and majorly chillaxed. This bath bomb from bomb cosmetics (can’t remember the flavour, soz) smelled delish and made me feel relaxed and happy and snug.

Feeling Sorry for Myself

For pretty much the next 6 days I felt HORRID. So yeah, I just sat on the sofa whilst cuddling my dog and feeling proper sorry for myself. Mollies great for making ya feel better though ❤ even if she does look sad to be cuddling with me!

Pancake Day

Lol these pancakes look awful. But they were taaaasty. Defo ate a weeks calories in pancakes #soznotsoz

Catch up with the Girls

Just what I needed. What’s better than gossip and Prosecco on a Wednesday? Like, seriously. Nothing is. After a pretty shitty week or so I left my friends feeling so much happier and buzzing about life again.

Making Peter do Facemasks

This was SO FUN. He’d stupidly promised me he’d do it and haaaa I ensured it happened. He gave it all the ‘this is so stupid’ and ‘why are you making me do this’ manly crap, but I know that secretly he loved it. I could just tell. He especially liked the fact his one peeled off, said it was like peeling his face off. So yeah, great. Only down side was that his one was clear so I couldn’t take a pic of us looking megs cute. Bad times.

Valentines Day

I’m gonna do a whole post on this because it so deserves it. So not to spoil it all I’ll be brief. Pete and I spent the day wandering around Centre Parcs which was so cute, and he bought me a dozen red roses and tickets to go and see The Woman in Black in London. Couldn’t be happier. Just perfect.