Birchbox Time Already!?

Can someone please explain to me how we’re in MARCH already and it’s time for me to write another Birchbox post? Like, surely it’s only about 2 weeks since the last one? This year is going crazily fast. Slow down 2k16 I ain’t ready.

So far for each Birchbox post I feel as though I keep banging on about how good each box is. But seriously, does anyone else agree that they’ve upped their game from last year? I mean, I liked it as a whole last year obviously, or else I wouldn’t continue getting them. But this year they all keep impressing me. Keep it up, Birchbox!

But let’s get down to it, here’s what I got:

ModelCo More Brows:

When I opened the box I was SUPER excited to see this. Not that I’d heard of the product or brand before, but I’ve been considering buying the Wunderbrow stuff I keep seeing all over social media and this looked kinda similar. I got it in medium/dark which I think is slightly too dark for me. But I still really like it! I’m still perfecting my technique, and the colour isn’t that off that I wont use it. I genuinely think I’m going to buy this, just probably in a medium shade if they do it. It looks really natural, and I still use my Kiko Eyebrow Marker first, then just finish off with this.

Arrow Boost Colour Enhancing Lip Balm:

Well wasn’t this a nice surprise! I thought it was gonna be a normal lip balm with just a hint of pink. But the colour is actually a really strong, well lasting colour! And it’s really good at moisturising your lips. All round winner. Oh, and it’s a full size item which it just ❤

Philip B Straightening Baume:

I’ve only tested this once, on the only day I actually fully blow dried and straightened my hair (coz nobody got time for that everyday). But I did notice a difference. My hair just looked a bit glossier and sleeker. Not its usual frizzy, wavy self. So pretty good if you ask me. I just wish it smelled really lush, as it doesn’t seem to smell of much?

The Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray:

I have used this every night since I got it and I love it! I’m a really rubbish, light sleeper, and it has actually made me have some really good nights sleeps. One night it still did take me a little while to drift off, but once I’m asleep I’m actually out instead of waking up like 5 times in one night.

Whish Shave Cream:

As with most Whish products, this smells amazing! Its coconut flavour. It’s not a foam so it does leave your skin feeling soft and smooth instead of drying it out slightly. It’s a bit like you’re shaving with moisturiser, but that’s why it makes your skin feel so good. 

Indeed Moisture Boosting Mask:

I haven’t tried this yet but I’m saving it for a special occasion. Might use it before my weekend in London when I go and see The Woman in Black with Pete. It seems like it will be really effective and fancy. 



Birchbox! Yay!

Iiiiit’s Birchbox opening day again! I love how quickly this comes around. This has significantly brightened up my day today as all I’ve been doing is sitting on the sofa feeling very sorry for myself because of a stinking cold. But as I’ve not been doing much else other than moping, sniffing and coughing, I’ve had more than enough time to test a few of these lovely products out.

Spectrum Collections Tapered Powder Brush

This brush looks pretty snazzy and feels really soft! I’ve had a little practise with it using my Urban Decay Naked Flushed – Bronzer/Highlighter/Blush, and it worked really nicely with the highlighter and blush but may have been a bit too harsh with the bronzer. As I layer these up in strips then blend slightly, the bronze seemed a bit more prominent than how I normally would do it. This may have been my poor application today so I will definitely be giving it another try. But it worked really well with the blush and highlighter.

LOC One and Done Shadow Stick in Champagne Problems

Wow. Wow. Wow. I put this on this morning along with a toned done version of the rest of my make up. (I only put make up on today because of wanting to test all of these – I don’t normally when I’m ill). And after about 8 hours this is the only thing left in tact. I know I did do a lot of nose blowing which probably ruined my foundation, but my eyes were watering a lot throughout the day and this beaut stayed exactly where I put it. There’s only one other colour available at the moment but if this is how well it lasts they need to start making a wide range of colours.

Korres Milk Protein 3-in-1 Cleansing Emulsion

I only used a teeny amount of this so that I didn’t waste it, but just enough to try it out properly. It didn’t make my skin greasy or oily, and it definitely didn’t sting or make it dry. I didn’t have any make up on when I used it to I can’t judge how well it removes make-up, but as a cleanser it seems pretty good. It has a really light smell *that may be because I have a blocked nose…* so far, so good.

theBalm Cosmetics Frat Boy Blush/Shadow

This shade I am much more likely to use as a blusher than an eye shadow. I’ve tested it on me and it’s a really good colour, however with the sample size it may be difficult to test as an actual full on blusher on your cheeks as it was hard to get enough on the brush evenly. Because of the sample size it may be better used as a light dusting for a really natural look. The full size may be different.

Ayres Body Butter in Patagonia

I only tested a dab of this on my hand as I like to save these for going away or staying over night somewhere. But it made my hand feel really silky and rubbed in easily. It’s a pretty decent sample size for a body product as well which is always good. Nothing worse than just getting enough to do one leg!

Derm Eyes Make-Up Remover Wipes

This is the only item I haven’t tried yet as I don’t want to open it and waste them. (I think there’s more than one in here but I’m not sure?) I’m gonna save them for a day when I’m really tired and can’t be bothered to do my full routine and hopefully it will be an absolute life-saver and make me feel fresh and amazing.

FullSizeRender (7)

FullSizeRender (9)

FullSizeRender (10)


A Week in Pictures

Each week I intend on doing a round-up of what I’ve been up to over the previous week. Usually I’ll be doing this on a Monday, but this week I got majorly side-tracked. Soz. It’s just going to be a few snaps to show what I did, and it’ll probably end up being mainly food, cocktails and selfies *sorry not sorry*. There will also probs be lots of repeats from instagram (@charleebx) and also previous posts. But a girl can only do so many things in a week.


First up, Wine Wednesday. Last week was stressful with a capital S. So nothing photo-worthy happened until Wednesday and that was just wine. But then again, wine is everything.

wine wednesday

Secondly, Millie’s Cookies. (See I told ya I’d repeat myself). What better way to compliment drinking wine the night before than to get Millie’s Cookies to recover with? Perf combo right there.


Next was Saturday evening spent at an old work colleagues wedding reception. It was so nice to catch up with people I haven’t seen for ages. And what’s a wedding reception nowadays without selfie props!? We rocked it so much this point deserves 2 photos.

christie wedding

Christie wedding2

Lastly, Sunday night waffles.  The pic doesn’t do justice to how amazeeee this was. The weekend definitely finished on a higher note than it started on. Eating waffles in a onesie? HELL YEAH.



Happy Birchbox Day.

Yay! It’s Birchbox arrival day! Well, technically mine arrived Saturday but I’m house sitting for a friend at the moment so I only got mine last night. Still just as exciting though.

   birchbox 1      birchbox 2

It’s basically my favourite day of the month. It’s like a mini birthday as you’re receiving  a present and you don’t know what’s inside. I genuinely don’t get what’s not to love about it. And I have to say, this one was particularly good.

I think I’ve had around 7 of these little beauties now, and of course some months are better than others. Personally, my favourites out of all of them have been the last 2 (I received the basics box back in November), and now probably this one as well. In December I was one of the people who LOVED the clutch bag, but I know some people really disliked the fact it was green.

But  anyways, back to January!

Obvs as I only received this last night I haven’t had a chance to try out everything, but I’ll talk you through what I got, what I’m excited about trying and what I already have tried.

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle:

I think I was most excited to try out this! A few boxes back I received the Proctor Sea Salt Spray and I really really liked it. It smelt amazing and really did the job. So I’m majorly hoping this is just as good. So seriously high expectations for this baby. I dye and straighten my hair which means it does get dry, so hopefully this will help a girl out. The fact it has heat protection is a HUGE added bonus as well. I’ve literally just sprayed it and can confirm it does smell DE-LISH and has made my hair so easy to comb. Hair is still wet though so can’t tell you what the end result is like.

Absolution Cleansing Water:

I don’t know very much about this brand, but so far the cleansing water smells good and seems a fairly decent size. I do think I’m going to save it for a time when I go away as it will be the perfect size to put into hand luggage or for a little weekend break. But I will probs have to give it a little test over the next few days. If not I think I’ll leave it round the boyfriends house to use when I’m there 🙂

Jelly Pong Pong Lighten Up Brightener:

This is the one product I’ve properly used so far this month and SERIOUSLY it’s great! I’ve kept meaning to buy a nude eyeliner for some time but is something I always forget to buy. I used this this morning after a pretty crap nights sleep, so my eyes were a little red. And this actually worked wonders. I put it on my bottom eyelash line and it instantly covered any redness, and I then used my usual brown liner & eye shadow right on the lashes. It seemed to last well so I’ll definitely start using this regularly.

Benefit They’re Real Tinted Primer:

Haven’t tried this out at all yet but really looking forward to it. Anything that makes my lashes look longer or fuller will be a winner from me. I’ve opened it up and am slightly unsure about the colour but if normal mascara is going over the top I’m hoping it will be fine.

Whish Body Butter:

This has a really strong smell which I think I really like,  you can definitely smell the raspberries. I’ve only tested it on my arm but did feel nice and soft. Again, I think I’m gonna save this for going away as the size is quite small but good enough to go in an over-night bag. I’ve used the Whish CC Cream before in a previous Birchbox and I did like that so should be good!


You’ve GOT to love an extra, right? Compact mirrors are always handy and I think the #nofilter design is really cute. And the post cards are a cool idea, great for making notes or even just pretty decoration round a desk or mirror.

All in all Birchbox – it’s a pretty good month!

instagram: @charleebx