A Week in Pictures 15th Feb 16

There’s a slight theme to this weeks ‘Week in Pictures’. I know food usually features fairly heavily in my weekly round-up but this last week there was just so much food. So much that one meal out isn’t even in here because I was too hungry to even think about photographing it. Someone needs to ban me from eating out, I actually think I have a problem.

Lol got at least 2 meals out this week, whatya gonna do?

Did a couple of other things, but yeah, my week basically in food:

Indian with an Indian:

One of my best friends moved to London last year, but this week she was back so we met up and did our favourite thing other than drinking… eating. (May have had a glass of wine each too, but that’s pretty tame for us!)

Gluten Free Pho’:

My friend Charlie met me after work one evening and she’s coeliac so eating out can be quite difficult for her, but we stumbled across this new Vietnamese restaurant in Cambridge and we LOVED it. She could eat everything on the menu except for one dessert, and it was all so delish. It was my first experience to Vietnamese food too and I didn’t really know what to expect, but was very pleased with our discovery.

Ray Bans First Appearance:

When I went to Vienna for my birthday in November I bought a pair of Ray Bans in the airport, but since I bought them it hasn’t been sunny once so I haven’t had a chance to wear them. So was a tad excited when I was FINALLY able to. Sad, I know.

New Colouring Pens:

Ha. I’m such a child. But I got new pens for my colouring book! I’ve been using pencils as my book has quite large pictures to colour but there are some really swirly pictures too, so I bought some pens. God I sound old. Moving on…

Girls Night:

Redeeming myself slightly here, I got drunk on Saturday. We’d had this girls night planned for some time and it didn’t disappoint. We started off quietly in a bar drinking wine and gossiping, we then got a tad loud and started speaking to random people on the table next to us. Then oh, next thing we know it’s 2am and we’re doing shots in the club. Standard.

Recovery Nandos:

Best thing to do after a night drinking? A recovery nandos, followed by cinema with the boyf. Life’s good.


A Week in Pictures – 18th Jan 16

Each week of the year seems to be getting better, little by little. Again, last week started off a bit like meh. But it picked up a lot quicker than the previous week. This was more than likely to do with cocktails and lots of food #dontjudge but who cares if it makes you happy? Screw a January detox, right now it’s carbs and alcohol making me feel better and I’m not afraid to say it!

Burgers and Cocktails at Benson & Blakes in Bury St Edmunds.

Now, I may have been slightly too eager to eat my burger, so I didn’t get chance to take a pic of it *my bad*, but I did manage to snap the delish cocktails I had. Berry Hard and Double Hard. 2 for £8? Can’t complain! Then Peanut butter cheesecake for dessert, which I definitely didn’t need…



Work Nandos.

Healthy salad or boring sandwich for lunch at work? NOPE. Not when you’ve got a Nandos literally next door. Gave into temptation AGAIN this week *sigh*


My Last Night House Sitting.

I blogged about this last Friday as it was last full day and night of house sitting my friends house. I enjoyed it by having a large glass of wine and just making the most of the freedom. It’s back to reality and already I’m craving my own space again. Get me moved out!


Pizza Express Date Night.

Peter and I had a cute little food and cinema date night on Saturday. Pizza Express followed by watching The Revenant. With house sitting we didn’t get chance to have an evening out just the two of us for over 2 weeks so it was just what we needed. And anyone even considering going to watch The Revenant – DO IT. It’s soo good and grips you from the very start. Such a must see.

pizza express

Sunday Afternoon Baking.

Okay, so we may have burnt these a little so they don’t quite look as pretty as they’re meant to, but I was still majorly impressed. Of course Peter did most of the work because let’s face it -I am no domestic goddess, but I did do my fair share and think they look pretty cute if I do say so myself. They’re apple and cinnamon pastry roses that we had seen on the Tasty Facebook page, and they were bloody tasty covered in custard.



7 Ways to Cheer Yourself Up

So the last couple of weeks I’ve been feeling really down. It’s not been for any particular reason, just lots of small things that have all added up. You know when your brain goes mad and over thinks EVERYTHING and puts you in an even worse mood for no apparent reason? And it seems so many small things are going wrong which on their own are hardly anything but all put together you feel like it the end of the world and can’t even think of anything good? Yeah. I’ve been doing that. It’s beaut isn’t it?


But although as a whole I’ve not been majorly happy, I thought I’d compile a list of all the things that have made me feel a lot better during the last couple of weeks. They might be a quick fix or some are really effective, and hopefully they might help you too 🙂

 1. Harry Potter Colouring Book.

Everyone seems to be on the colouring book hype right now, and this was my first so I am a tad behind… but it honestly is so relaxing! My boyfriend popped over to my work during his lunch break and surprised me with it, along with a cute pack of pencils, and I actually haven’t stopped doing it since. It’s addictive. And calming. And the fact he surprised me with it almost made me burst into happy tears. Mega cute. I’m a pretty hardcore Harry Potter fan so it’s literally perfect.

Harry Potter

2. Nandos Date.

Anyone who says eating Nandos doesn’t make you happy is lying. And when you have vouchers it’s even better. And when it’s with a friend you haven’t seen in a while it actually can’t be beaten. We got there about 5:30pm after work, and didn’t leave until almost 8:30pm. That’s 3 whole hours of eating chicken, drinking Pink Elephant Rose and catching up. When I got there I felt completely shattered and ready for bed, but by the time we left I was in a much better mood and honestly, it was exactly what I needed.

3. Baby Pink Timberland Boots.

What should a girl do when she’s feeling down? Treat herself. Yup. This doesn’t have to be with pink Timberlands (but they are incredibly pretty) just any item of clothing or shoes or bags that you’ve been eyeing up for a while. Instant happy boost. It can be short lived, admittedly, but then you just wear your new purchase again and it defo does make you feel happy. I had been trying to get hold of some baby blue ones for a while but couldn’t find them anywhere, but the baby pink are super cute and the next best thing. And they’re perfect for when I go Glamping, dog walking, or anywhere tbh.


4. Trip Planning.

You can’t deny that having something to look forward to makes you feel SO good. The girls and I have been scheming a little break to Amsterdam. It isn’t booked yet, and there’s a chance it may not happen, because life etc. But we all really hope it does, and I’m 90% sure it will do. I’m also probably going to Centre Parcs as well this year, and the work crew are planning a day trip down to the seaside so when you stop and think about it, life is actually pretty damn good.

5. Millie’s Cookies.

It wasn’t only me having a bit of a down time, so at work to cheer ourselves up we did a Millie’s Cookies run. We got 24 between 4 of us, and by the end of the day we only had 5 left. It may have made us feel like we were going to explode, have a sugar crash, vom and go to sleep, but they were soooo good. And was defo a quick fix to a sh*tty day. ❤ comfort food.


6. House Sitting.

Although being on your own is sometimes the complete opposite of what you need when you’re feeling down, it can also be the perfect thing for you. I’ve been house sitting for just over a week now and have had several evenings sat there on my own. The first night was a bit like OMG I’M SO LONELY WHERE ARE MY FRIENDS AND BOYFRIEND AND PARENTS, but by the second time of me staying by myself – loved it. I had THE longest hot shower possible with no interruptions, then chilled with a glass of wine under a blanket on the sofa. I was on my laptop, watched TV, ate toblerone and basically did nothing. It was great. I woke up the next day feeling fresh, chilled and just happier. Obvs this is a difficult one if you haven’t got a spare house to borrow for a few days, but just take some timeout to look after yourself and relax


7. Drink Me Chai Latte

This bad boy is heaven in a mug. You can make it with hot water or half hot water and half hot milk (my fave option as it makes it extra creamy) and it taste oh so good. Have one before bed and you’ll feel all cosy and wintery and ready to go to sleep. You can get various different flavours of this but I like the normal spiced one. Delishhhh.