A Week in Pictures 29/02/16

This ‘Week in Pictures’ is a bit meh. I didn’t get up to as many small things so it’s a tad short and sweet this time round. Sorry guys, life’s not always exciting. I’ll try harder this week *promise*


Tuesday Cinema Date

Tuesday night Pete and I had a little date night to the cinema. We saw Grimsby which I think I liked but I’m sure? I defo laughed. And cringed. But anyway, the highlight was trying out the new Vue chairs and OMG they are amazing. You can almost lay down, have a lap tray for all your food and basically feel like you’re at home in your bedroom. And for dinner I had a Ben & Jerries core sundae which was yum.



Hot Chocolate and Cake

No week is complete without a little trip to a coffee shop, and last weeks lucky winner was Starbucks. You NEED to try their hot chocolate made with coconut milk. It basically tastes like a bounty. Uh huh. Thank me later.



Saturday Night Vibes

Last but definitely not least, Saturday night was spent these beautiful people. We ate food and drank wine and had an all round good evening. And I didn’t even have a wine  headache the next day! So not a single bad thing about the evening.



Why Friends are the Most Important Thing in your Life. 

Life has taken a bit of weird turn for me recently. Something’s happened that I didn’t expect and it’s taking me a little bit of time to work out how to act and how to adjust life around it. It sort of feels like everything’s on hold and I need to get my head around a lot of things. More on the specifics another time, but for now it’s really made me value a lot of things, one being my friends.

There’s no denying that a good catch up with the girls can make you feel a million times better. Here’s my top reasons for why friends are literally everything.

  1. They can make you laugh until your belly hurts and you physically can’t laugh any more. Whether it’s talking about all the old times you used to drink Cherry Lambrini up the local park or OMG that super embarrassing thing one of you did recently, you can guarantee something will have you in stitches.
  2. If you want, they can ignore that there’s anything bad going on in your life and act completely normal. Keeps you proper pre-occupied.
  3. Who else would you be able to look through 4000 pictures of Zac Efron with? Feeling down and want to just stare at his amaze body? They be up for that!
  4. If you just need some company but don’t want to say anything at all, they’ll still happily come round and just sit. Or spoon. And be a shoulder to cry on if need be.
  5. They don’t care if you’re an ugly crier and your wet mascara rubs onto their top *even if it is brand new :|*, they’ll still sit there and let you sob until your hearts content.
  6. They listen and enthusiastically respond to your 25 reasons for why so-and-so’s a bitch, or why your job sucks right now, or just men in general. You *may* have repeated point number 4 three times already, but they’ll still nod, agree, and join you in the moaning.
  7. If they come over your house to comfort you, they’ll 9 times out of 10 bring either food or wine. Or both tbh. Screw the diet or the detox, it’s Ben and Jerries and a bottle Sauvignon Blanc that’s gonna save the day. No-one finds comfort from an apple.
  8. You can make crazy plans together which instantly lifts your mood. Fine, half of these may not actually happen in the end. But if it gets you excited about something for half an hour it’s helping. A week on a Greek Island, a festival, or OMG bungee jumping. It makes everyone happy to have plans.
  9. There’s always that one friend who you can convince into going out and getting completely rat-arsed with you. getting smashed probs doesn’t actually help, but if at the time all you want is rum and coke, jaeger bombs, tequila then so be it.
  10. Just knowing you have someone there who will do any of the above is the main thing. Not necessarily the same person for each thing.

Just remember that although being by yourself might be what you want right now, having some company will always make you feel better ❤

A Week in Pictures – 25th Jan 16

Okay, okay, okay. I’ve been incredibly rubbish this last week and not actually posted anything. I know. Bad times.

It was just one of those weeks where 434566540 things happened and all of a sudden it was like, whoa! It’s Tuesday again already and I need to do a weekly re-cap. Time does just fly. Lol.

Butttt I already know I’m gonna be better at it this week so I guess that *kinda* makes up for it. Right?

Here’s a few pics of what I got up to last week…

New Pandora Ring

How beaut is this? Like seriously. It’s so cute. It was a thank you present for house sitting from my friend and her fiancé and I love it. Pretty sure jewellery would make every girl smile.


Baby Oleg Toy

Basically just including this because OMG how adorable is it and I’ve wanted one for ages and I FINALLY got one. Thanks boyf ❤


Girlie Drinks on Friday

What’s the best thing to do on a Friday evening? Casual drinks of course! I was designated driver this time *sob* as I also had work on Saturday, but was nice to have a couple of hours out in the pub with the girls. And I definitely made up for the lack of drinking on Saturday night…


Out Out in London

My friend moved to London early last year and I’ve been to see her 3 or 4 times so far, and she’s been back home a couple of times. We always spend far too long getting ready to go out as we’re so busy filling each other in on all the gossip, but when we finally make it out we have the best nights. Just a shame they can’t be more often.


Sunday Morning Pancakes

Best way to start a Sunday? Breakfast. Nutella pancakes to be precise. Luckily my friend is as much of a foodie as me so first thing on the agenda is always food. And a good cup of tea, of course.


Massive Photo Delivery

As  you may know, one of my aims for the year was to print off all my photos this year. There’s just something much more meaningful about actually holding a photograph compared to seeing it on the screen. This was my first order of pics – 122 photos! But I did go back to around October time. Now that I’m going to keep on top of it it wont be as many each time. But it definitely finished off my weekend nicely to sit and look through all of these.


2 Weeks House Sitting

Right this second I’m laying back, relaxing in my friends snuggle chair in her living room. This has preeeetty much been my permanent position every evening for the last 2 weeks. I’ve been house sitting while my friend and her fiancé have been off on a Caribbean cruise. I know, I’m major jel too and I’m defo gonna look ridiculously pale when they’re back tomorrow.

The first couple of days took a bit of getting used to. I still live at home with my parents so am completely used to coming in after work with dinner almost ready, and mum still does all my washing etc. Love ya mum <3. They’ve obvs been on holiday and left me to fend for myself before but as I’m actually in someone else’s house I felt a little bit more of a responsibility.

The main reason being that they have a dog which I had to get up, let out and run around with first thing every morning. At 6am. IN THE FREEZING COLD. You know how cold it’s been the last week or so right? Yeah. Not fun. Also loved how he shredded a whole newspaper across their garden and basically ate the plastic lid to his food. Thanks Oscar.

I’ve also had to cook, clean up, wash all my clothes, hoover, the list goes on… But luckily I do have an amaze boyfriend who loves to cook so he helped me out, the babe, but he wasn’t round every night so I had to *shock* make myself dinner and food for work the next day once in a while. And I ain’t no chef.

But once I’d got myself into a routine I was fine. And totally felt like *bitch got this*. I was buying toilet rolls, making dinner, putting the bins out. I even had my parents over for breakfast one Sunday morning. I am an actual, civilized adult. Well apart from the fact I may have killed their house plant, totally a grown up. Awks.

But now I do really, really, really want to move out. I know it’s definitely not achievable right now because well, money. But it’s made me want to save even harder than I already am so that it wont be an eternity before it’s possible. Of course I can’t wait to go home and see my parents and my dog, but I loved the feeling of being completely independent and free. And no-one asking me how much longer I’m going to be in the shower or washing up a glass I’m still using. Like seriously, who does that!?

Here’s to hoping that this time next year I’ll be almost there.

house sitting.png