A Week in Pictures 14/03/16

This week was a preeetty good week. For the first week in a long time I feel like I’ve actually got some stuff worth blogging about *high five*!

There’s been eating out again, cocktails again, some new purchases and OMG new hair. Life is goooood.

Taco Tuesday:

This is the best way to spend a Tuesday. Definitely. Went back to Benson Blakes in Bury St Edmunds because it’s closing soon-ish which is seriously depressing, so we needed to get in at least one more Taco Tuesday. And it did not disappoint. Probably ate far too much for a Tuesday evening but it was totes worth it. And 2 cocktails on a school night? I’m so hardcore.

Hello Victoria’s Secret:

Victoria’s Secret has opened in Cambridge. I repeat, Victoria’s Secret has opened in Cambridge. Major excitement went through work on the opening day and we all popped over for a cheeky look in our lunch breaks. I bought some very pretty new underwear (5 for £20 = bargain) and with every purchase you got a free Victoria’s Secret Dog ❤ and a gift card. The gift card is exciting as each one has a minimum of £10 loaded onto it, but it could have up to £500. From the 29th March you go back and they tell you how much is on it. Can’t bloody wait.

Dark Hair Don’t Care:

For years I had light blonde hair, then about a year and a half a go I took a massive step and went a bit darker. And I was extremely scared when I did so. Now I’m so over worrying about my hair colour. I simply rock up and my friends house and she does something. Obviously she doesn’t just go crazy and she is a hair dresser so it’s all fine. But this time I went the darkest I’ve been, and it’s broken up with a few highlights and low lights. And it’s my favourite colour I’ve ever had on my hair.


Thanks to the beauts over at O2, I got a free packet of Propercorn on O2 Priority. Fancy flavours of popcorn have always looked good but I’ve always been a bit unsure. I went for Coconut and Vanilla and OMG it’s delish. Anyone who knows me knowns I’m a huge coconut fan, and this is just perfecto. I’m a changed woman.

Parents Pub Lunch:

Sunday was spent eating cake, then going for a late pub lunch with my parents in a pub in the middle of no-where over-looking a river. Very cute. Can’t wait to go in the summer when you can sit outside. We then went home and I spent the evening sitting in a food coma.


A Week in Pictures – 18th Jan 16

Each week of the year seems to be getting better, little by little. Again, last week started off a bit like meh. But it picked up a lot quicker than the previous week. This was more than likely to do with cocktails and lots of food #dontjudge but who cares if it makes you happy? Screw a January detox, right now it’s carbs and alcohol making me feel better and I’m not afraid to say it!

Burgers and Cocktails at Benson & Blakes in Bury St Edmunds.

Now, I may have been slightly too eager to eat my burger, so I didn’t get chance to take a pic of it *my bad*, but I did manage to snap the delish cocktails I had. Berry Hard and Double Hard. 2 for £8? Can’t complain! Then Peanut butter cheesecake for dessert, which I definitely didn’t need…



Work Nandos.

Healthy salad or boring sandwich for lunch at work? NOPE. Not when you’ve got a Nandos literally next door. Gave into temptation AGAIN this week *sigh*


My Last Night House Sitting.

I blogged about this last Friday as it was last full day and night of house sitting my friends house. I enjoyed it by having a large glass of wine and just making the most of the freedom. It’s back to reality and already I’m craving my own space again. Get me moved out!


Pizza Express Date Night.

Peter and I had a cute little food and cinema date night on Saturday. Pizza Express followed by watching The Revenant. With house sitting we didn’t get chance to have an evening out just the two of us for over 2 weeks so it was just what we needed. And anyone even considering going to watch The Revenant – DO IT. It’s soo good and grips you from the very start. Such a must see.

pizza express

Sunday Afternoon Baking.

Okay, so we may have burnt these a little so they don’t quite look as pretty as they’re meant to, but I was still majorly impressed. Of course Peter did most of the work because let’s face it -I am no domestic goddess, but I did do my fair share and think they look pretty cute if I do say so myself. They’re apple and cinnamon pastry roses that we had seen on the Tasty Facebook page, and they were bloody tasty covered in custard.