My First Michelin Star Experience

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go for a meal at Michelin Star restaurant Alimentum, Cambridge, with work. For me, this was a bit of a big treat as I’ve never eaten in a Michelin Star before. I’ve been to a couple of places with rosettes, but never a star.

I have to say I was a tad apprehensive before going as I’d seen the menu and it was slightly out of my comfort zone. Eel? Oysters? Seriously?

I can be a bit of a fussy eater. I like my steak well done and don’t normally like fish much at all. So yeah. How am I gonna get though putting all that in my mouth? Can’t exactly sit at the table holding my nose now can I?

But I was very pleasantly surprised!

We had 7 courses plus a couple of appetisers and chocolates to finish. And I ate and enjoyed basically everything. You go girl!

First off we had squid ink crackers which were topped with something fishy but I can’t remember what… But yeah. So far so good. Can’t complain at all.

Our first proper course was the eel. When it arrived it looked so pretty on the plate and not anything like how I imagined it. The picture I’d painted in my head was similar to jellied eels and I was really worried about trying it. But it barely tasted fishy at all, and this ended up being my favourite savoury course of the evening.

Next up was quail. I have actually had quail before so I knew this one would be fine. And I wasn’t disappointed – very yummy.

We then had halibut and this was probably my least favourite course. I didn’t dislike anything but it just didn’t quite work for me. There was a fried oyster on the side which actually my favourite part of this dish. I’m being so surprised by my taste buds! I just wasn’t keen on the flavour of the sauce I think. It was still nice just quite as up there as the other courses.

Last of the savoury dishes, we had beef in red wine sauce. Beef tasted lovely and the sauce and mash were so good. Very strong flavours. There was, however, a snail with this one as well and I’m afraid I did chicken out here. My bad! I just couldn’t do it. I think I let my mind run away with me. But it was only small so didn’t ruin the rest of the dish at all!

Now… Desserts!

Apple crumble. This. Was. Unreal. So delicious, had a hint of cinnamon to it as well. I could have eaten this 100 times over.

BBQ Orange. I’m still not 100% what everything on this dish was, but it was all very tasty. There was a solid orange cream, licorice sorbet and some sprinkled oats/flapjack. Liked it all.

We then had a chocolate gateaux with passion fruit sorbet and my god. That sorbet. I’d like to buy it in bulk!

We finished off with a variety of chocolates and hot drinks.

All in all, was a lovely meal and very exciting to try lots of new things. The restaurant itself was very chic and well decorated, but without having too much of a pretentious feel which I half expected. We were in a room as opposed to the actual restaurant but we did walk through and stand around the bar area. In the room we were in you could watch what the chef’s were doing through a window which was a nice touch.

If someone would like to take me again… That’d be great!


A Week in Pictures 15th Feb 16

There’s a slight theme to this weeks ‘Week in Pictures’. I know food usually features fairly heavily in my weekly round-up but this last week there was just so much food. So much that one meal out isn’t even in here because I was too hungry to even think about photographing it. Someone needs to ban me from eating out, I actually think I have a problem.

Lol got at least 2 meals out this week, whatya gonna do?

Did a couple of other things, but yeah, my week basically in food:

Indian with an Indian:

One of my best friends moved to London last year, but this week she was back so we met up and did our favourite thing other than drinking… eating. (May have had a glass of wine each too, but that’s pretty tame for us!)

Gluten Free Pho’:

My friend Charlie met me after work one evening and she’s coeliac so eating out can be quite difficult for her, but we stumbled across this new Vietnamese restaurant in Cambridge and we LOVED it. She could eat everything on the menu except for one dessert, and it was all so delish. It was my first experience to Vietnamese food too and I didn’t really know what to expect, but was very pleased with our discovery.

Ray Bans First Appearance:

When I went to Vienna for my birthday in November I bought a pair of Ray Bans in the airport, but since I bought them it hasn’t been sunny once so I haven’t had a chance to wear them. So was a tad excited when I was FINALLY able to. Sad, I know.

New Colouring Pens:

Ha. I’m such a child. But I got new pens for my colouring book! I’ve been using pencils as my book has quite large pictures to colour but there are some really swirly pictures too, so I bought some pens. God I sound old. Moving on…

Girls Night:

Redeeming myself slightly here, I got drunk on Saturday. We’d had this girls night planned for some time and it didn’t disappoint. We started off quietly in a bar drinking wine and gossiping, we then got a tad loud and started speaking to random people on the table next to us. Then oh, next thing we know it’s 2am and we’re doing shots in the club. Standard.

Recovery Nandos:

Best thing to do after a night drinking? A recovery nandos, followed by cinema with the boyf. Life’s good.

My Perfect Valentine

Valentine’s Day. A day which some people hate and some people go crazy for. Personally, I’m somewhere in the middle. I think it’s lovely to celebrate your feelings for someone and is a great excuse to have a cute day spent together. But I really dislike all the pressure it can create and the people being all demanding over gifts. Like seriously, be grateful for what you have.

People who moan about other people celebrating also get on my nerves. You just sound jealous that you didn’t get flowers babes, not a good look!

Ha rant over! Back to what I got up to…

It was literally the cutest day ever. I was woken up to a bunch of a dozen red roses on the bed and a card. And inside the card were tickets to go and watch The Woman in Black at the West End. I’d mentioned I wanted to go see this aaages ago so boy did good! They do listen!

He then made us breakfast of eggs and bacon (he puts the ‘bae’ in bacon. lol) but this is usual tbh as I can’t cook and he loves a decent breakfast, ha I’m not housewife material.

We spent the middle of the day wandering around the local Centre Parcs at Elveden whilst drinking hot chocolates and taking selfies in front of lakes and stuff #weirdos

And it was finished off with a meal at Arbuckles late afternoon. Not the most romantic place to have your Valentines meal but IT WAS SO GOOD. Probably the biggest portions I’ve ever seen, and we left feeling so stuffed and happy and life is good. The only downside was we were too full for an Ice Cream Sundae for dessert 😦 😦 😦 heartbroken </3

Such a simple yet sweet day, the perfect kind of Valentines if you ask me.


A Week (or 2) in Pictures

Okay, so technically this is 2 weeks in pictures. I didn’t get round to doing one last week as I was pretty poorly with an awful cold, and basically just struggs with life in general. So now that I’m back to my best and actually able to string a sentence together I’ve combined 2 weeks into 1 post. Exciting stuff, I know!

Mahoosive Burger at Rockers – Cambridge

This was dinner on Monday 1st of Feb, courtesy of the boyf. No real reason for it but mannnn was it good. Like, so good. Probably not the healthiest meal to start your week off with but whatcha gonna do?

Bath with Bomb Cosmetic Bath Bombs

This was the Tuesday evening and my first evening of feeling a tad poorly. So I had THE nicest, longest bath and majorly chillaxed. This bath bomb from bomb cosmetics (can’t remember the flavour, soz) smelled delish and made me feel relaxed and happy and snug.

Feeling Sorry for Myself

For pretty much the next 6 days I felt HORRID. So yeah, I just sat on the sofa whilst cuddling my dog and feeling proper sorry for myself. Mollies great for making ya feel better though ❤ even if she does look sad to be cuddling with me!

Pancake Day

Lol these pancakes look awful. But they were taaaasty. Defo ate a weeks calories in pancakes #soznotsoz

Catch up with the Girls

Just what I needed. What’s better than gossip and Prosecco on a Wednesday? Like, seriously. Nothing is. After a pretty shitty week or so I left my friends feeling so much happier and buzzing about life again.

Making Peter do Facemasks

This was SO FUN. He’d stupidly promised me he’d do it and haaaa I ensured it happened. He gave it all the ‘this is so stupid’ and ‘why are you making me do this’ manly crap, but I know that secretly he loved it. I could just tell. He especially liked the fact his one peeled off, said it was like peeling his face off. So yeah, great. Only down side was that his one was clear so I couldn’t take a pic of us looking megs cute. Bad times.

Valentines Day

I’m gonna do a whole post on this because it so deserves it. So not to spoil it all I’ll be brief. Pete and I spent the day wandering around Centre Parcs which was so cute, and he bought me a dozen red roses and tickets to go and see The Woman in Black in London. Couldn’t be happier. Just perfect.

Why Friends are the Most Important Thing in your Life. 

Life has taken a bit of weird turn for me recently. Something’s happened that I didn’t expect and it’s taking me a little bit of time to work out how to act and how to adjust life around it. It sort of feels like everything’s on hold and I need to get my head around a lot of things. More on the specifics another time, but for now it’s really made me value a lot of things, one being my friends.

There’s no denying that a good catch up with the girls can make you feel a million times better. Here’s my top reasons for why friends are literally everything.

  1. They can make you laugh until your belly hurts and you physically can’t laugh any more. Whether it’s talking about all the old times you used to drink Cherry Lambrini up the local park or OMG that super embarrassing thing one of you did recently, you can guarantee something will have you in stitches.
  2. If you want, they can ignore that there’s anything bad going on in your life and act completely normal. Keeps you proper pre-occupied.
  3. Who else would you be able to look through 4000 pictures of Zac Efron with? Feeling down and want to just stare at his amaze body? They be up for that!
  4. If you just need some company but don’t want to say anything at all, they’ll still happily come round and just sit. Or spoon. And be a shoulder to cry on if need be.
  5. They don’t care if you’re an ugly crier and your wet mascara rubs onto their top *even if it is brand new :|*, they’ll still sit there and let you sob until your hearts content.
  6. They listen and enthusiastically respond to your 25 reasons for why so-and-so’s a bitch, or why your job sucks right now, or just men in general. You *may* have repeated point number 4 three times already, but they’ll still nod, agree, and join you in the moaning.
  7. If they come over your house to comfort you, they’ll 9 times out of 10 bring either food or wine. Or both tbh. Screw the diet or the detox, it’s Ben and Jerries and a bottle Sauvignon Blanc that’s gonna save the day. No-one finds comfort from an apple.
  8. You can make crazy plans together which instantly lifts your mood. Fine, half of these may not actually happen in the end. But if it gets you excited about something for half an hour it’s helping. A week on a Greek Island, a festival, or OMG bungee jumping. It makes everyone happy to have plans.
  9. There’s always that one friend who you can convince into going out and getting completely rat-arsed with you. getting smashed probs doesn’t actually help, but if at the time all you want is rum and coke, jaeger bombs, tequila then so be it.
  10. Just knowing you have someone there who will do any of the above is the main thing. Not necessarily the same person for each thing.

Just remember that although being by yourself might be what you want right now, having some company will always make you feel better ❤

Birchbox! Yay!

Iiiiit’s Birchbox opening day again! I love how quickly this comes around. This has significantly brightened up my day today as all I’ve been doing is sitting on the sofa feeling very sorry for myself because of a stinking cold. But as I’ve not been doing much else other than moping, sniffing and coughing, I’ve had more than enough time to test a few of these lovely products out.

Spectrum Collections Tapered Powder Brush

This brush looks pretty snazzy and feels really soft! I’ve had a little practise with it using my Urban Decay Naked Flushed – Bronzer/Highlighter/Blush, and it worked really nicely with the highlighter and blush but may have been a bit too harsh with the bronzer. As I layer these up in strips then blend slightly, the bronze seemed a bit more prominent than how I normally would do it. This may have been my poor application today so I will definitely be giving it another try. But it worked really well with the blush and highlighter.

LOC One and Done Shadow Stick in Champagne Problems

Wow. Wow. Wow. I put this on this morning along with a toned done version of the rest of my make up. (I only put make up on today because of wanting to test all of these – I don’t normally when I’m ill). And after about 8 hours this is the only thing left in tact. I know I did do a lot of nose blowing which probably ruined my foundation, but my eyes were watering a lot throughout the day and this beaut stayed exactly where I put it. There’s only one other colour available at the moment but if this is how well it lasts they need to start making a wide range of colours.

Korres Milk Protein 3-in-1 Cleansing Emulsion

I only used a teeny amount of this so that I didn’t waste it, but just enough to try it out properly. It didn’t make my skin greasy or oily, and it definitely didn’t sting or make it dry. I didn’t have any make up on when I used it to I can’t judge how well it removes make-up, but as a cleanser it seems pretty good. It has a really light smell *that may be because I have a blocked nose…* so far, so good.

theBalm Cosmetics Frat Boy Blush/Shadow

This shade I am much more likely to use as a blusher than an eye shadow. I’ve tested it on me and it’s a really good colour, however with the sample size it may be difficult to test as an actual full on blusher on your cheeks as it was hard to get enough on the brush evenly. Because of the sample size it may be better used as a light dusting for a really natural look. The full size may be different.

Ayres Body Butter in Patagonia

I only tested a dab of this on my hand as I like to save these for going away or staying over night somewhere. But it made my hand feel really silky and rubbed in easily. It’s a pretty decent sample size for a body product as well which is always good. Nothing worse than just getting enough to do one leg!

Derm Eyes Make-Up Remover Wipes

This is the only item I haven’t tried yet as I don’t want to open it and waste them. (I think there’s more than one in here but I’m not sure?) I’m gonna save them for a day when I’m really tired and can’t be bothered to do my full routine and hopefully it will be an absolute life-saver and make me feel fresh and amazing.

FullSizeRender (7)

FullSizeRender (9)

FullSizeRender (10)


11 Stages of a Workday Hangover

We’ve all been there, and this is probably happening to quite a few people right now. It’s Thursday evening and you get invited to the pub for a casual drink. You say you’ll go for one but not stay late because you’ve got work tomorrow. But that’s fine as everyone else does too so you’re all in the same boat.

It’s all going well, then somehow you get tempted into 1 more drink, which soon turns in to 3, and it’s fiiiiine to stay out until 1am. You won’t have a hangover in the morning! You’ll still have 5 and a half hours sleep. You’re good!

But then… it’s the morning:

1. Alarm goes off. ‘It’s not that time already; I must have set my alarm for the wrong time’. *Checks alarm* OH. MY. GOD.

2. No wait, isn’t it Saturday today? It’s definitely Saturday. Crap no, it is Friday. Shit. Its fine I got this, I can do this.

3. Lay in bed for 3 alarm snoozes and try to work out if you are, in fact, dying.

4. Finally make it into the shower, stand there for far too long thinking of reasons you can call in sick. Remember you already told everyone you’re going to the pub after work. WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!?

5. When you eventually make it out of the shower and you look in mirror for the first time. Just *look* at those eye bags and that redness! Everyone will know!

6. The absolute struggle of making yourself look presentable, even though all the make up in the world wouldn’t be able to save you right now. Plus the wonky winged eyeliner caused by your alcohol shakes just isn’t doing you any favours.

7. After a pretty dodgy commute #vom you just need to sit yourself down with a nice cuppa and keep yourself to yourself…

8. But in comes the office chatterbox who just Will. Not. Shut. Up. ‘Oh you look rough, big night out!? On a school night!?’ Cue major headache.

9. You get to 11am successfully before you suddenly become more hungry than you have ever EVER been in your life before. ‘Just popping to Sainsbury’s, anyone want anything?’ Fresh air and food in one clever move. GENIUS.

10. After devouring some kind of chicken wrap, a peperarmi, 2 chocolate bars and a can of coke, you’re now finally starting to feel normal again.

11. The rest of the day goes by in a slightly painful blur until the question ‘anyone fancy a quick Friday drink after work?’ OH HERE WE GO…

FullSizeRender (6)