Travel Goals


This is basically a follow up from point 1 of my New Years post, to go to lots of places I haven’t been before.

I was having a little search on the ol’ internet earlier and came across a website which calculates the percentage of the world that you’ve visited and I have to say, mine is RUBBISH.

This has made me really REALLY want to see as much as possible. I’ve only been out of Europe once (Thailand in November though babes) to go to Morocco and there are so many places in Europe I’d still love to see. As well as Thailand I’m hoping to go on a cheeky trip to Amsterdam with the girls around April time, and I’m also off to Wales this year to go glamping and I’ve never been there before.

But it still isn’t going to increase my 4.17% of the world that I have seen by much! It’s crazy how massive the Earth is and how much we may never see in our life time.

I have a list as long as my arm of places I’d like to go to and things I’d like to do and see. Fingers crossed I’m able to cross as many of those off as possible. A bit of wanderlust never hurt anybody ❤